Shortcutz | Weekly Session #296

Shortcutz is terug op De Kring!

Shortcutz Amsterdam is back at the De Kring with the free Weekly Sessionz, the coolest way to interact with the new generation of Dutch filmmakers.
Every session, you can watch short films followed by a ‘gezellige’ Q&A with the teams. Our Sessionz are English spoken, and the films are subtitled in English.

Get ready for a great session, with 2 short films straight from our official selection. After each screening, we interview the team behind the film and get to know more about their process and vision.

The Special Guest for this session will be announced soon! Stay Tuned!

Official Selection

Still Here


Guido Ekker | Animation | 06’14’’

All the horrors we imagined for the future have come true. The end of our planet is near. While the rich are able to live out their days with dignity, the poor must fight tooth and nail for the simplest of pleasures: even a breath of fresh air. In this world, one poor man is being manipulated by the state to help them weed out a small but effective resistance movement.

To Break A Butterfly


Kate Hummel | Live-Action | 17’00’’

Thirteen-year-old Joy loves skating, French fries and her friends Ted and Mara. Her brother, Gabriël, is mainly occupied doing homework or repairing his scooter. The skatepark is where Joy feels best. She and her friends rule the place. Then, one night, something strange happens. A stabbing incident occurs. Suddenly, many police are present, and Joy’s brother is acting weird. When Joy finds out what happened, will she continue to be able to enjoy skating?

The Sessionz are free, but you need to claim your ticket beforehand.

More About Shortcutz Amsterdam

Shortcutz Amsterdam is a platform for up-and-coming Dutch film talent. It's our mission to put the spotlight on new talent and offer them a 'shortcut' to an audience (Nationally and Internationally), knowledge, and the most exciting film professionals.

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