Underground movie - Out of the blue

met inleiding door JEFFREY BABOCK (IN HET ENGELS)


Directed by Dennis Hopper
94 minutes
In English

As a true low-budget, passion-driven, independent work, this film delivers more art and honesty than most indie films before and after. The film opens with Dennis Hopper drunkenly driving his big truck with his daughter (Linda Manz- Days of Heaven) who is in clown make-up and asking her if he is sexier than Elvis. Then he crashes into a busload of screaming children, destroying the lives of the children, his daughter and himself. The film follows the wake of this incident and the black clouds that follow him and his daughter. The film climaxes with one of the most over-the top, crazed endings of any film. That final scene with Hopper and Manz certainly has influenced Hopper's role in David Lynch's Blue Velvet. Hopper considered this 80's punk rock/trucker movie as a follow-up to Easy Rider (1969) in that this is what would have "likely happened to the Easy Rider characters ten years later." Unpolished, riveting and uncompromising... a film that marked the end of an era.


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